Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ok so sorry I have to start again from the beginning due some factors, before this I had wrote on my blogg with much “covered” version of my life to protect some people only to find out they careless about me and what I stand for, and here goes
Let me tell you the truth/my side of the story from the beginning, I started to listen to rock music and felt in love with when I was in primary school,about age 10,it was 1986.since then rock was my music and only rock was my way of life,talked the rock lingo,dress the rock way and listen what ever rock songs there is to hear. But coming from a family which was quite religious, I was always stop and held back from my family about rock. But I keep listening to local rock groups such as Search, Lefthanded, BPR and many more but only via the local radio station mainly Radio Muzik in the Pilihan Bersama segment,no buying of cassets because money was not mean for entertainment back in those years. I had to record from he radio(dubb) for songs which I really like. I had only few of Music albums mainly Pirated international ones(back then that was the only material which is most easy to get) such as Dio, iron maiden, White Snake, Deep Purple and few or more which I cant really recall. They were sold for only RM3-RM9.90 each. In Malaysia a that time not many new material from the international Rock World are available. I only watch Rock shows in public parks n playground(free shows) such as Taman Tasik Perdana (panggung anniversary)KL and Taman Jaya PJ. It was on Weekends only,at that time I only go there when my parent took us(with my sisters) to go and play in the park. There it was the first time I saw people handbagging. It was so cool............but my parents always said look at those crazy teens/maniac/people with no future.
As time goes by and Rock Music began to evolve from Hard Rock to Heavy Metal(real heavy metal) and in Malaysian market started to open wider for rock material to come in and I was in my early teenage live. It was 1988 and Rock industry was blooming,many rock band were formed and many international albums were available. I started to listen to heavier heavy metal music such as Metallica,Megadeth and Slayer. Thrash Metal had arrive at this time. Along the way I followed the music line I had stared to play the guitar. I bought my 1st guitar at rm40 (non electric/kapok brand). At that teenage period I was quite rebellious and at that moment my parents did not allow me to play music especially Rock Music.


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